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        Bid Team Leadership
        Requirements Mapping
        Client & Vendor-Side Bids
        Relationship Management
        Capabilities Analysis
        Contract Management
        Benefit / ROI Realisation
        Cost Modelling

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         COBIT 4.1
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There's no prizes for coming second in a tender

. . . "The Winner Takes All"

Today, bidding for new contracts in both the public and private sectors is far more complex and costly than it was even five years ago and organisations, both large and small, are increasingly calling on our assistance to improve their bidding performance and outcomes.

You may well have found that:

There are constant difficulties in balancing your billable, dedicated, or most valued resources& time between bid-related activities and their primary role, often to the point where their primary role starts to suffer.

Your organisation is putting disproportionate effort into preparing proposals it has little chance of winning. Typically this is because the important work of spotting and filtering new opportunities is not being undertaken rigorously;

Bidding, tender pursuit and Bid Management is a sensitive "political" issue - a bid initiative is quite a heavy consumer of your resources with no certainty of a return, and identifying spare capacity amongst experienced staff to assist can create strains;

Writing proposals are a struggle for engineers, other professionals and trainees who may lack appropriate writing, marketing and business winning skills; and lack foresight of larger strategic agendas.

Precision Consulting brings all the benefits of high-level Bid Management expertise; as required, without you having to carry the fixed costs of a permanent in-house proposals or a Bid Management division.

Benefit from decades of sales leadership and bid management experience

Our Bid Management professionals are highly effective at both taking control of your bid initiative, or assisting you in solving the above bid-related challenges. We also provide assistance to clients from a wide range of sectors and disciplines with writing and styling specific capability statements and proposals to give them the winning edge.

Precision has provided specialist expertise, in contract management, negotiation and sales consulting to successfully win competitive bid and tender pursuits in both the public and the private sector for:

Government IT&T Panels
Government Specialist Services Panels
Mergers & Acquisition Management Projects
Join Ventures
IT Recruitment or Preferred Supplier Panels
LEAN / Organisational Efficiency Assignments
Business Strategy Projects
New Technology (IT&T) System Implementations

For more information on how we can either join you or assist you in the pursuit of business to make a winning difference to your next major endeavour, please contact us.

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