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        System Dependency Analysis
        Refreshes & Group Consolidations
        Business Transition Scheduling
        Multi-Party Transitions
        Contingency Planning

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Unparalleled Expertise in Business & Technology Transition Management

Organisations are constantly on the move as businesses adapt to meet new market opportunities or to reflect the financial climate they are to operate within.

Company mergers, building consolidations, organisational restructuring, up-sizing, downsizing, departmental relocations or just moves and changes are all part of the process.

All of the above scenarios are extremely important to any organisation but unfortunately, also have the potential to cause severe disruption to business. Consideration into the technology and systems infrastructure supporting the business, from the core systems to the desktops and every individual application just amplifies the complexity of such an initiative.

It is therefore critical that this activity should be planned and executed as meticulously and efficiently as possible by professionals who specialise in this very niche activity.

Specialist relocation management experience blended with consulting expertise

Precision Consulting certainly have the runs on the board in this respect, having successfully consolidated and re-stacked some of Australia's largest organisations' people and technology. We have delivered end-to-end relocation programmes consisting of over 50 disparate business and technology locations comprising of over 14,000 staff to imperative deadlines, with absolutely no business disruption throughout the programme's lifecycle. The risks are simply too high to leave a generic project management organisation at the helm of your department or company's relocation.

Please contact us if you require further information on our Business & Technology Relocation Services.

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