Business Transformation & Change


Professional Transformation & Change Management that Advocates Governance

Many organisations are constrained by a lack of skills required to drive large scale change at the time it is needed most.

The ever-increasing pressure to carefully manoeuvre and to transform your company is more critical in the pace of today’s business world than ever.

Change Management is the discipline that controls every aspect of where your transition, transformation or implementation takes affect and requires a highly specific skill set, often not present within shared or internal resources.

Precision Consulting offers highly capable, senior consultants who drive and advocate change through proven frameworks of governance and quality for your organisation. Or if your organisation already retains a team of who perform this function, we can lead, augment or simply strengthen these internal teams. We specialise in globally recognised control frameworks and governance strategies that reduce overheads and maximise efficiency.

Delivering safe and sustainable benefits through sound change management

Precision Consulting have considerable experience in facilitating Change and Transformation in many Australian blue chip organisations. We go beyond sheer delivery, we operate as coaches and mentors for our client’s employees providing real-time skills transfer.

Indeed, a fresh mind and a new set of eyes can prove to be invaluable – unconstrained by what existed before or what was experienced in alternative approaches. We can supply interim change managers to organisations of all sizes, and for projects of every nature.

Precision Consulting’s Change & Transformation Management Consultants can provide your organisation with both the logical framework and the practical experience to deliver your outcome, please contact us for more information.