Project Management


The Cornerstone of Our Success

Every project you plan to undertake represents a significant investment in the required outcome. As the central driver of that investment, it is our job to provide you with the highest ROI.

Project Management is the discipline that will achieve this. The successful execution of a key project relies on many factors from being able to successfully and effectively engage sponsors and stakeholders at all levels of the organisation, through to prudent planning, scope definition and strategic skill sourcing. An effective Project Manager must be a strong negotiator, possess sound risk management, stakeholder manageemnt expertise , and exemplary capabilities in change and budget management.

Precision Consulting have some of the most valuable expertise in modelling and managing high value projects in complex environments.

A smart investment in this discipline will not only ensure all of these facets are professionally managed and your visibility of the project is high at all times, but demonstrate diligent and effective project outcomes.

In stark contrast to using recruitment agencies to source project management capabilities, all of our PM’s remain within our team. They are committed to professional growth, and are constantly mentored by senior team members to ensure consistent operational excellence in project delivery.

Success in business and technology projects is what first formed Precision

We are project management specialists, it’s in our DNA; Precision have the abaility to take your project from concept to completion, and beyond; whilst at the same time guaranteeing you the maximum return on your investment in expertise, infrastructure and reputation.

To discuss the success of your next technology or business project, please contact us.