Project Rescue & Recovery


Critical Project Recovery

If you have lost considerable IP in your project, if your initiative is over budget, behind schedule or changing in scope, Precision Consulting provides the leadership, strategy and expertise to salvage it.

We carry a strong reputation of pragmatism and apply our extensive experience to navigate out of these situations in intense and high-pressure delivery environments.

To affect such an outcome, we can either work in a consultative capacity, as an advisor to your management; or assume partial or complete management of the project, in either scenario our goal is to reposition your project to meet your original objectives.

A sound approach to recovering your project, built on experience & learnings

Our approach to a Project Rescue & Recovery engagement begins with the Analysis Phase; a Project Assessment. We convene key sponsors, stakeholders and ideally, customers in various exploratory activities to identify the context of the root issue or issues.

Once this process is complete, we undertake the as the principal underpinning strategy of the exercise, recovery. Key business requirements and other attributes of the project’s optimal metrics and operating environment are then reviewed and compared to the status of the project as it stands. A brief analysis of tolerances, available competencies and resources is performed to construct an exception criteria; and finally, we provide a recovery plan which details how to improve the performance of the project while ensuring timely delivery, quality assurance, and the highest levels of integrity, all completed with the least possible stakeholder compromise.

Once the project assessment is complete, the next step is approval. This approval constitutes the conclusion of the rescue phase and kicks-off the recovery phase of our activity where we use our approved recovery plan to re-baseline the in-flight project, it is at this stage that we then communicate the new strategy to all stakeholders and execute the new project plan. From this point in time we also entertain shadow billing and reporting to highlight the positive contrast of our rescue and recovery activity. The successful execution of the recovery plan thereafter will put your project back on track with the most minimal impacts or displacement as possible.