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Welcome to Precision Consulting Corporation

We are an end-to-end talent acquisition and strategic consulting services organisation that partners with tier-one clients to achieve their most significant challenges through the delivery of high value services with enduring results.

In and beyond, Precision draws on its strategic insight and deep domain expertise to repeatedly set the benchmark for the delivery of high-profile initiatives and game-changing outcomes such as Enterprise PMO setup and industry benchmarking, Big Data, Lean Six Sigma, Cloud Computing and much more.

We are powerful client advocates with an enviable record of achievement and a commanding presence in the Australian market, serving in-excess of one hundred clients, and scores more abroad.

Precision is structured into three integrated lines of business that deliver recruitment and talent sourcing, contractor management and payroll services, and finally our Enterprise Consulting Practice that specialises in delivering strategic business outcomes engendering the effective execution of change, to support our clients' most critical endeavours.

     Australian Recruitment Services

Recruitment Services

   Contractor Payroll Processing and Salary Packaging

Contractor Management

     Project Management, Risk Management, Business Continuity Management, Portfolio Management and much more

Enterprise Consulting

  Connecting Clients
  with exceptional, uniquely matched�
human capital solutions


  Enriching Engagements
  with flexible payroll, insurance and salary management solutions


  Delivering Excellence
  in sustainable, high-value client outcomes that matter


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It doesn't matter whether you're struggling to respond to rapidly changing legislation, desperate to promote efficiencies in today's economic climate, or undertaking a significant corporate merger, the underlying key to reaching and sustaining your objective remains the same.

Outcomes delivered in the 21st century need to withstand scrutiny and endure change.

In this modern age, it's a whole new ball game. It is simply not a realistic or sustainable approach to deliver a critical outcome on time, on budget and walk away. Accountability is the underlying fabric of success in today's corporate landscape, which demands that any business undertaking change not only successfully deliver, but also build sustainability into the end product. This enhances our clients' agility- their ability to successfully navigate and pre-emptively reconfigure their business in response to shortcomings or rapid surges of change.

It is the effective practice of this philosophy that distinguishes Precision from its competition.
It enables us to gain a thorough understanding of your business, and translate set requirements into sound and sustainable results that reduce risk, optimise your productivity, increase your efficiencies, and advance your organisation long after completion, in the following areas:

Business Benefits, Cost Benefits, Strategic Benefits









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