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Simply Flexible Contractor Payroll and Salary Packaging Solutions

Contractors have an obligation to manage and meet all the statutory and government requirements that your company’s payroll department would normally handle for you if you were a permanent employee. These include aspects such as superannuation contributions, PAYG tax, worker’s compensation insurance, public liability and professional indemnity insurances.

Australian State Governments also utilise payroll tax as a means to collect additional revenue.
This requires employers (including your agency) to remit payroll tax up to 6.85% of your hourly or daily rate. If you are currently a contractor, there is every chance that this tax is deducted directly from your pay without you even knowing it.

This is where leveraging the contractor management services of Precision Consulting comes in. We are positioned to take on these responsibilities for you and eliminate these burdens, while at the same time, potentially providing you with many opportunities for tax optimisation and other savings and earnings maximisation.

Precision Consulting’s Contractor Streamlining Services are a flexible and full-service contractor management solution that offer the following key benefits:

Competitive Public Liability and Indemnity Insurance
Workers compensation insurance
Packaging of novated car leases
No start-up costs or exit fees
The most competitive payroll service fee in Australia
Single employer status to assist in securing finance
Your choice of superannuation provider
Fortnightly or monthly payroll cycles
Superannuation paid quarterly
Online timesheet entry and submission
Online portal for all payroll and contract resources
Your own dedicated account manager
Living-Away-From-Home Allowance (if applicable)
Packaging of items such as laptops and phones
References & visa support where applicable

Our Contractor Streamlining service is available for Pty Ltd. companies, ABN holders / sole traders and employees alike, and offers the same benefits to all types of contractors.

We’ve worked hard to refine our Contractor Streamlining Services to be the most competitive deal around for Australian contractors looking to maximise their salaries and secure the highest income.

Take advantage of our expertise in salary packaging and payroll services and click here to let us show you just what a difference we can make to your bottom line.

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