Business Continuity & Resilience


Perfecting BCP & Business Resilience in a World of Uncertainty

Business and organisational resiliency is defined as the ability of an organisation to be adaptive and responsive to the impacts of business disruptions, while at the same time reinforcing the organisation against those same risks.

An organisation’s resiliency depends upon which strategies have been put into place to address single points of failure within their mission critical business processes, technology, communications systems, key vendors, and facilities.

True resiliency is achieved through proactive and routinely practiced programs which are designed to maintain business continuity and ensure the safety and availability of all key personnel, regardless of the circumstance.

All organisations need to have a business continuity plan, in some cases it’s a regulatory, or a legislative obligation. Whilst we specialise in tailoring your BCP to your business, all parts of the organisation must also contribute to its establishment and exercise of the strategy to ensure it’s continuous effectiveness and perpetual alignment with the growth and direction of your organisation so your BCP is ready to invoke at any time.

Your overall resiliency hinges on a solid business continuity plan which includes:

Threat Identification: What could go wrong?
Risk Assessment: What would be the impact?
Controls & Mitigation: What can be done now?
Crisis Management: How to respond to incident?
Recovery & Restoration: How do we resume business?

How quickly can your company resume business operations following a fire, a flood, a hazardous materials spill, a saboteurial attack on your computer network, a disruption in your supply chain, or a hurricane?

An organisation’s ability to respond to and recover from these types of potential disasters depends upon the pre-planning strategies and risk mitigation procedures implemented within the company. Though every situation is unique, your business can be better prepared if you plan carefully, put contingency procedures in place, and practice for all types of business disruptions.

If your warehouse has been destroyed by a fire and your entire inventory has gone up in smoke, your IT recovery plan will obviously not address all of your immediate business restoration needs. If you’ve suffered a major regional disaster and your employees are focused on their personal needs instead of coming back to work, how will your organisation survive? What if your major supplier has a significant business disruption and is no longer able to provide you with goods and services that underpin your core revenue streams?

A commitment to business resiliency will protect your investment, show due diligence to legislators, regulatory bodies and insurance providers, and will give your company a better chance for long-term survival.

Your trusted partner in resilience and business continuity management strategy

Irrespective of industry or profession, Precision Consulting provides our clients with affordable, customised business and service resiliency solutions, and in mature, well-defined environments, objective third party evaluations of continuity strategy and plan documentation. Our shared goal is to ensure the stability and continued success of a business, while mitigating losses from unscheduled disruptions.

We support clients by developing Business Continuity and resilience strategies tailored to their overall direction. We provide the training that prepares staff and deliver exercises that validate the plans. This enables the organisation to control endemic risks, mitigate serious interruptions; and to plan for survival and recovery by rehearsing responses and scenarios.