Project/Programme Office Mgt


The PMO – Your Engine Room

To ensure a consistent and quality structure to your initiatives and their outputs, organisations require a competent and well organised Project / Programme Office that advocates Programme governance.

Precision’s client PMO’s provide all the support services needed to maintain records, deliver using best practice methods, central oversight, process control/adherence, and the appropriate level of governance of major projects, Precision Consulting PMO’s facilitate and manage:

Documented processes and procedures
Programme File / Workbook, Knowledge-base
A centralised contact register for all project resources
Organisational Definition, Roles and Responsibilities in a chain of command matrix
A documented communication matrix and the dissemination of authority
Meeting and Committee Terms Of Reference
Change Control and Configuration Management
Wall-size representations of each project schedule for quick reference
Contract Management, Vendor & Sub-Contract Management
Project Phase Gates, Project Governance and control
Programme and Project monitoring and Budget/expenditure review capabilities
Programme / Project Intranet site development activities
Reports & Admin preparation for Steering Committees and Project Working Groups
Document Management, Version Control & Financial Tool Support
QA, Peer Reviews, Standards Audit and much more.